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Bridger Digital builds cash-generating landing pages that convert 2% of clicks to leads, guaranteed. Audit your existing site to get started.

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2% conversion rate or better, guaranteed

Why you never get leads through your website:

Short answer, because your website is optimized for algorithms and search engines, not for people.

Trades and home services businesses are notorious for outdated websites, low conversion rates and a disdain for tech and marketing. Construction is a word of mouth industry for a reason: Because word of mouth is about people.

Your website should be about people too. Specifically, it should tell a story written about your customers.

Does yours?

Traditional websites:

What if you could get 100 clicks and get 2+ leads?

Bridger Digital has just the way to make it happen. Our secret sauce? Landing pages.

Landing pages are hyper-focused mini-sites that are written specifically to be paired with advertisements.

By writing a landing page for a real person rather than a search algorithm, we can get you a conversion rate of 2% or better.

This means you get 2 leads for every 100 clicks your ads get.

Best part? That 2% is guaranteed. When you hire us, we keep working until we meet or exceed that rate—whether it takes us 10 hours or 10,000.

Landing pages:

Rated 4.8/5 by 60+ Happy Clients

2% conversion rate in 3 simple steps

We’ve perfected the formula for turning ad clicks into estimates. Here’s how we make our contractors money:


Audit your site

First up, we’ll audit your existing website to see what’s working and what isn’t. All we need is a URL and your contact info.


Build a landing page

Next, we’ll write, design and build a landing page based on the insights from your audit. Turnaround times are usually under 1 week.


Convert 2% of clicks

Once you start sending traffic to your new landing page, we’ll optimize until we meet or exceed a 2% conversion rate.

Rated 4.8/5 by 60+ Happy Clients
We promise a 2% conversion rate or better for your landing page, and we’ll keep working until we hit it.

The Big Ego Guarantee

We are prideful creatures and will stop at nothing to deliver boast-worthy results for your business.

We promise a 2% conversion rate or better for your landing page, and we’ll keep working until we hit it.

With money back guarantees, you still lose the precious time you invested. But with the Big Ego Guarantee, you get results while we shoulder all the risk.

Experience the confidence of guaranteed success by ordering your no-cost audit right now.

Our clients love us

See what they say about our services.

Rated 4.8/5 by 60+ Happy Clients

Your biggest mistake would be NOT hiring this company

John at Bridger Digital is an absolute wizard and great guy. He did an incredible with both of my sites. I cannot highly recommend him more. He’s extremely detail oriented and efficient. Very knowledgeable. Your biggest mistake as an entrepreneur would be NOT hiring this company!

Peter D.


Their work is first rate

I highly recommend Bridger Digital! I run 4 businesses and have worked with many many folks over the last 25 years. They are first class and very dependable. Their work is first rate and their team is super easy to work with too.

Shawna C.


Best decision we could have made

Our previous agency failed many deadlines and requested additional funds to get the job done, so we hired Bridger Digital.

This proved to be the best decision we could have made. Our only regret is that we didn’t find Bridger Digital sooner.

Cassidy B.



Find the answers to frequently asked questions here.

If you’re doing any kind of advertising, you’re burning money. This is unavoidable, as even the best conversion rates are usually only around 10%. However, most contractors have conversion rates of around 0.5%, meaning you’re likely spending WAY more money than you have to.

A Bridger Digital audit will show you exactly where you’re losing out on deals and exactly what needs to be done to plug the holes.

A general website is simply a “main” website. It’s the page that sits at YourCompanyName.com and hosts information about your business for the general public. Typically, a general website is just that—general. It speaks to everyone, and so usually ends up speaking to no one.

A landing page on the other hand is a highly specific website that is intended to sell ONE specific offer to ONE specific person (called a customer avatar). With a good ad and a good offer, landing pages drive significantly higher returns on investment compared to general websites.

We do, yes. And general websites offer some lofty benefits! While they don’t do a great job of creating cash, they create HUGE value in other ways. Everyone you’ve ever done business has likely seen your website. Now think of how many people you HAVEN’T done business with have seen it, but just didn’t decide to reach out.

Working on your general website gives you a massive opportunity to win people over in the pre-sale phase of their buying journey. If you feel the time is right to rebuild your company’s general website, we can make it happen for you.

General websites are not tools for tangible profit production, especially when it comes to paid ads. They are the perfect tool to enhance organic business growth, but if you send paid traffic to your general website, it will almost certainly end in disappointment.

General websites provide information about your company. This information can sway opinion and INFLUENCE buying decisions in the long term, but it usually won’t PROMPT the buying decision itself.

If you want to make money that you can directly attribute to a website, a landing page is the way to do it.

Basically all of them. Even traditional ads. Any advertising campaign that allows you to add a hyperlink (basically all online ads) can and should be paired with a landing page.

The same goes for print and TV ads, although generally the landing page comes secondary to the phone number. Hint: to provide a link to a landing page in offline scenarios, use either a VERY short and memorable URL or a QR code.

Yes we do. Our team has worked in numerous industries from food service and hospitality to aviation and luxury travel.

We have a strong preference for all things dirt, but don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. If we can’t take care of your needs, we almost certainly know someone who can.

Our websites are built with WordPress, but we have experience with most modern development tools. If your project requires the use of a specific tech stack, don’t hesitate to let us know. If we can’t handle it, we almost certainly know someone who can.

We do. We offer general website design, content writing, as well as bespoke photography and videography.

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Rated 4.8/5 by 60+ Happy Clients